22 abril 2016

Carnivore Diprosopus (Discografía)

Carnivore Diprosopus

País: Colombia
Localización: Bogotá (Col), Madrid (Spa)
Formada en: 2002
Género: Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal
Temás líricos: Enfermedad, Muerte, Gore, Devastación humana, Depravación.
Años activos: 2002-presente.
Web oficial: Facebook, Myspace, ReverbNation.

Formación actual:
Wilson "BRIGADIER" Henao: Drums
Jose "NACHO" Rondon: Guitars
Andres "PREDATOR" Perez: Guitars
Mr. "Oscarnivore" Macias: Vocals
Alfonso Mejía: Bass

Escuchar tema de muestra: Electrotherapy, álbum: Madhouse's Macabre Acts

Descargar Discografia:

(2004) Filled My Stomach with a Pregnant's Corpse


1. Tortured Ninphomaniac
2. Grotesque Sexual Attack
3. Sick Nurse
4. Your Anal's Fluids Are Devoution of Your Blood
5. Whore Collector of Testicles
6. Devouring an Infected Clitoris
7. I Killed Four Bastards in an Orgy
8. Filled My Stomach with a Pregnant's Corpse
9. Devouring an Infected Clitoris (Live)
10. Filled My Stomach with a Pregnant's Corpse (Live)
11. Sick Nurse (Live) 


1. Electrotherapy
 2. Deformed Creatures Pavilion 
3. Skinned a Crazy Fat 
 4. Crushed Prophecy 
 5. Psychiatrist's Depraved Games 
6. Nurse in Cannibals Orgy 
 7. Dancing with My Son's Corpse
8. Interns with Broken Pussy 
 9. Apocalyptic Crucifixion 

1. The Beginning (Intro) instrumental
2. Covenant of Satan Predators 
 3. Deeds of Supreme Sect 
4. The Torment Era 
 5. Creation of a Sadistic Empire 
 6. Alliance for Extermination 
7. New Order Condemnation 
 8. Colossal Destruction 
 9. Carnivore Command Rebellion
 10. The Final (Outro instrumental

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