12 marzo 2016

Ritual Carnage (Discografia)

Ritual Carnage
País: Japón
Ubicación: Tokyo
Formada en: 1998-?
Género: Thrash metal, Death Metal

Formación Actual
Wataru Yamada: Guitarra
Eddy Van Koide: Guitarra
Hiroyuki Ishizawa: Bajo
Damian Danny Montgomery: Voz, Bajo
Naoya Hamaii: Batería

Escuchar tema de muestra: Chaos And Mayhem (3:32)

Descargar Discogrfia:


1. Servant Of The Black
2.The unjust (Must Die)
3. Succumb To The Beast
4. The Highest Law
5. Master
6. Domain Of Death
7. Chaos And Mayhem
8. Damnaton
9. Metal Forces
10 Attack
11. Death Metal


1.Awaiting The Kill
2. Dai Hachi Jigoku (8th Great Hell)
3. Death, Judgement And Fate
4. Burning Red, Burn ´Till Death
5. End Of An Ace
6. World Wide War
7. Scars Of Battle
8. Every Nerve Alive
9.The Wrath
10. Escape From The Light
11. Far East Agressor´s
12. Hit The Lights (Metallica Cover) ( Bonus Track)
13. F.O.A.D (Bonus Track)
14. End´s Demise (Bonus Track)

(2005) The Birth Of Tragedy


1. The Sixth Sense
2. The BIrth Of Tragedy
3. Burning Eyes Of Rage
4. Paradox Of  Democracy
5. Fall Of  The Empire
6. Shroud Of Secrecy
7. Sanity´s Thin Line
8. Grave New World
9. Dawn To Decadence
10. Psycho-Sadistic Psychosis
11. Infernal Death (In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner)


1.Imprisoned Secret
2. The Perfect Strain
3.I, Infidel
4. Thirst For Blood
5. These Chains
6. Do Not Resuscitate
7. Axiom
8. Straight To The Nether Regions
9. Roon 101
10. Twilight Of  The All Too Human
11. Terror Ends Here
12. I Am War

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