22 febrero 2016

Fuck Off And Die! | Lituania | (Discografía)

Fuck Off And Die (F.O.A.D)

País: Liatuania
Ubicación Origen: Kaunas (inicios); Rome, Lazio, Italy (mitad); Vilnius (ahora)
Formado en: 2005
Género: Black/Thrash Metal/Crossover
Temática de sus letras:  Odio, Antisocial, Anti-humanidad, Alcohol, Blasfemia, Violencia, Guerra
Años de actividad:  2005-presente (Activo)     
Web Oficial: facebook

Formación Actual:
Kommander L. Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming, Guitar (2005-present)

Escuchar tema de muestra: Shut Up, Subhuman! (2:20)

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1. Peace and Love
2. War and Hate
3. Fuck Off and Die!!!
4. Pacifism Sucks
5. Useless Race
6. I Hate Homosexual Metalheads
7. Cult of Intoxication
8. Fuck the Nuns in the Ass
9. You Must Suffer, Bitch
10. Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy cover)
11. Better Alone Than with You

1. Anti All
2. Worldwide Terror Campaign
3. Shut Up, Subhuman
4. Don't Look At Your Back
5. Cunt Does Not Rule
6. Nothing Happens...
7. Homo Homini Lvpvs
8. War - The Only Hygiene Of The world
9. Hate, Indifference And Alcholism
10. Sextermination
11. I Despise Pigs Like You
12. Karvabernis
13. He's Turning Blue (Carpathian Forest cover)
14. I Hate Her (Cripple Bastards cover)
15. Nugaleti (Fanarai cover)
16. Without Emotions I Observing
17. And Everything Will Return In Silence..

1. Pulse of [self]destruction pt.1
2. Don't Look At Your Back
3. War And Hate
4. Worldwide Terror Campaign
5. Pacifism Sucks
6. Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy Cover)
7. Homo Homini Lvpvs
8. Shut Up, Subhuman
9. Nothing Does Not Happen
10. Useless Race
11. Without Emotions I Observing
12. Fuck Off And Die
13. Pulse of [self]destruction pt.2
14. Cunt Does Not Rule
15. I Despise Pigs Like You
16. Cult Of Intoxication
17. Hate, Indifference And Alcoholism
18. Sextermination
19. You Must Suffer, Bitch
20. I Hate Homosexual Metalheads
21. Pulse of [self]destruction pt.3
22. Anti All

1. Pulse Of Self Destruction Pt.1
2. An Instant Of Martyrdom
3. Sociopathic Regression
4. Crescendo Of Apocalypse
5. Self Destructional Vomit
6. Lithuanian Madness
7. To Destroy Everything That I Created
8. Pulse Of Self Destruction Pt.2
9. Pink Emptiness
10. No Future No Sense
11. Soldier Of Disgust
12. 25 Scars
13. Roots Of Misanthropy
14. Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels (Silencer Cover)
15. Pulse Of Self Destruction Pt.3
16. Fists Of Solitude
17. Un Campo Di Sterminio E Solo Due Persone

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