24 octubre 2018

Atomizer | Australia | Discografía


País: Australia  

Ubicación: Melbourne, Victoria
Formado en: 1998
Thrash/Black Metal
Tematica de sus letras: Muerte, Sangre, Enfermedad, Guerra, Violencia
Años de actividad: 1998-2008 (Banda separada) 
Página oficial: MySpace

Formación Actual:
Jason Healey  Voces, guitarras, bajo (1998-2008)
Sean Cummiskey    Drums (2007)

Escuchar tema de muestra: Now That's Fuckin Evil (3:46)

Descargar Discografia:

(2000) The End of Forever

1. Intro: The March of Forever 
2. Upon the Dying Priest I Spat 
3. Now That's Fuckin' Evil
4. The Only Good Human (Is a Dead Human)
5. Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight
6. Atomic Metal Power
7. Blacker Than Ever (Unpure cover)
8. The End of Forever


1. Intro - Incubation
2. Hesitation Wounds
3. In the Mortal Realm You Roam No More
4. For Blood! For Blood!
5. Black Heart Epiphany
6. When the Demons Come 
7. Death Mutation Disease Annihilation
8. He Couldn't Save Himself (How Do You Expect Him to Save You?)
9. Unit 731
10. The End! The End!
11. Shadenfreude
12. Ritual


1. Power, Not Participation
2. And the Hunt Starts Again
3. When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently
4. The Campaign
5. The War That Never Ended
6. The Only Weapon of Choice
7. Isolation
8. One Man's Failure
9. So Terrified, yet in Control
10. Join the Blackheart Reich
11. For Blackness Absolute
12. Sometimes They Hear the Bullet
13. The Fog of War


1. Caustic Transmissions
2. A Song to Swing To
3. Upon the Lamb of God They Suckle No More
4. Hail Hail the Hangman
5. A Date with Eternity
6. Esoteria Is Now in Command
7. The Song That Sounds Your Final Dawn
8. As the Blackening Waves of Fear Within Me Rise
9. Flowering Spores of Imagination
10. All Disfigured and Blue
11. The Inevitable Mutiny
12. Our Final Campaign
13. The Funeral Procession

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