07 febrero 2020

Sepultura | Brasil | (Discografía)


País: Brasil 
Ubicación Origen: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 
Formado en: 1984 
Genero: Death/Thrash Metal (al comienzo), Nu-Metal, Groove/Thrash Metal (Luego)
Temática de sus letras: Odio, Satanismo (al principio), Muerte, Política, Anti-facismo (Luego) 
Años de actividad: 1984-1996, 1998-presente (Activo)
Página oficial: Facebook

Formación Actual:
Paulo Jr. Bass (1984-present)
Andreas Kisser Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (1987-present), Bass (1988, 1990)
Derrick Green Vocals, Guitars (additional) (1998-present)
Eloy Casagrande Drums, Percussion (2011-present)

Descargar Discografia :

1. The Curse
2. Bestial Devastation
3. Antichrist
4. Necromancer
5. Warriors Of Death

1. Morbid Visions
2. Mayhem
3. Troops Of Doom
4. War
5. Crucifixion
6. Show Me The Wrath
7. Funeral Rites
8. Empire Of The Damned

1. Intro
2. From The Past omes The Storms
3. To The Wall
4. Escape To The Void
5. Inquisition Symphony
6. Screams Behind The Shadows
7. Septic Schizo
8. The Abyss
9. R.I.P. (Rest In Pain)
10. Troops Of Doom

Lista de temas:
1. Beneath The Remains
2. Inner Self
3. Stronger Than Hate
4. Mass Hypnosis
5. Sarcastic Existence
6. Slaves of Pain
7. Lobotomy
8. Hungry
9. Primitive Future
10. A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Naseer
11. Inner Self (Drum Track)
12. Mass Hypnosis (Drum Track)

1. Arise
2. Dead Embryonic Cells
3. Desperate Cry
4. Murder
5. Subtraction
6. Altered State
7. Under Siege
8. Meaningless Movements
9. Infected Voice
10. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)

1. Dead Embryonic Cells
2. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys cover)
3. Inner Self (live)
4. Troops of Doom (live)
5. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover) (live)

(1993) Chaos A.D.

1. Refuse/Resist
2. Territory
3. Slave New World
4. Amen
5. Kaiowas
6. Propaganda
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Nomad
9. We Who Are Not as Others
10. Manifest
11. The Hunt (New Model Army cover)
12. Clenched Fist

1. Refuse / Resist
2. Crucificados pelo Sistema (Ratos de Porão cover)
3. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict cover)
4. Policia (Titãs cover)
5. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover) (live)

1. Slave New World
2. Crucificados pelo Sistema (Ratos de Porão cover)
3. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys cover)
4. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover) (live)
5. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict cover) 

Lista de Temas:
1. Territory (Live)
2. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict cover)
3. Procreation (of the Wicked) (Celtic Frost cover)
4. Polícia (Titãs cover)
5. Under Siege (Regnum Irae)

(1996 - II) Roots

1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Attitude
3. Cut-Throat
4. Ratamahatta
5. Breed Apart
6. Straighthate
7. Spit
8. Lookaway
9. Dusted
10. Born Stubborn
11. Jasco
 12. Itsári
13. Ambush
14. Endangered Species
15. Dictatorshit
16. Canyon Jam

(1996)The Roots Of Sepultura [Compilación]

1. Intro
2. C.I.U (Criminals In Uniform)
3. Orgasmatron(Mötorhead Cover)
4. Dead Embryonic Cells(Original Mix)
5. Desperate Cry(Original Mix)
6. Murder(Original Mix)
7. Undersiege(Original Mix)
8. Necromancer (Demo Version)
9. The Past Reborn The Storms(Demo Version)
10. A Hora E a Vez Do Cabelo Nascer(Mutantes Cover)
11. Drug Me(Dead Kennedys Cover)
12. Crucificado Pelo Sistema(Ratos Cover)
13. Anticop(Live)
14. Intro(Live)
15. Arise(Live)
16. Inner Self(Live)
17. Mass Hypnosis(Live)
18. Escape To The Void(Live)
19. Troops Of Doom(Live)
20. Altered State(Live)

1. Ratamahatta (edit)
2. War (Bob Marley cover)
3. Dusted (demo)
4. Roots Bloody Roots (demo)
5. Slave New World (live)
6. Amen / Inner Self (live)

1. Attitude
2. Lookaway (master vibe mix)
3. Mine
4. Kaiowas (tribal jam) 
5. Clenched Fist (live) 
6. Biotech Is Godzilla (live) 

Lista de Temas:
1. Beneath The Remains,Escape To The Void
2. Biotech Is Godzilla (live)
3. Clenched Fist (live)
4. Crucificados Pelo Sistema
5. Drug Me
6. Dusted (demo version)
7. Inhuman Nature
8. Kaiowas (live)
9. Lookaway (Master Vibe Mix, Ft. Jonathan Davis from KoRn)
10. Mine
11. Policia
12. Procreation (Of The Wicked)
13. Propaganda (live)
14. Refuse,Resist (live)
15. Roots Bloody Roots (demo version)
16. Slave New World (live)
17. Symptom Of The Universe
18. War

(1998) Against

1. Against
2. Choke
3. Rumors
4. Old Earth
5. Floaters in Mud
6. Boycott
7. Tribus
8. Common Bonds
9. F.O.E. (James L. Bowen cover)
10. Reza
11. Unconscious
12. Kamaitachi
13. Drowned Out
14. Hatred Aside
15. T3RCERMillennium
16. Gene Machine / Don't Bother Me (Bad Brains cover)
17. Prenúncio

(2001) Nation

1. Sepulnation
2. Revolt
3. Border Wars
4. One Man Army
5. Vox Populi
6. The Ways of Faith
7. Uma Cura
8. Who Must Die?
9. Saga
10. Tribe to a Nation
11. Politricks
12. Human Cause
13. Reject
14. Water
15. Valtio
16. Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus cover)
17. Annihilation (Crucifix cover)
18. Rise Above (Black Flag cover)
19. Revolt (Demo)
20. Roots Bloody Roots (Live)

(2002) Under A Pale Grey Sky [Live '96]

CD 1
1. Itsári (Intro)
2. Roots Bloody Roots
3. Spit
4. Territory
5. Monologo ao Pé do Ouvido (Chico Science cover)  
6. Breed Apart
7. Attitude
8. Cut-Throat
9. Troops of Doom
10. Beneath the Remains / Mass Hypnosis
11. Born Stubborn
12. Desperate Cry
13. Necromancer
14. Dusted
15. Endangered Species
CD 2
1. We Who Are Not as Others
2. Straighthate
3. Dictatorshit
4. Refuse/Resist
5. Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells
6. Slave New World
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Inner Self
9. Polícia (Titãs cover)
10. We Gotta Know (Cro-Mags cover)
11. Kaiowas
12. Ratamahatta
13. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)

(2003) Roorback

Disc 1 - Roorback
1. Come Back Alive
2. Godless
3. Apes of God
4. More of the Same
5. Urge
6. Corrupted
7. As It Is
8. Mind War
9. Leech
10. The Rift
11. Bottomed Out
12. Activist
Disc 2 - Revolusongs
1. Messiah (Hellhammer cover)
2. Angel (Massive Attack cover)
3. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (Public Enemy cover)
4. Mongoloid (Devo cover)
5. Mountain Song (Jane's Addiction cover)
6. Bullet the Blue Sky (U2 cover)
7. Piranha (Exodus cover)

(2006) Dante XXI

1. Lost (Intro)
2. Dark Wood of Error
3. Convicted in Life
4. City of Dis
5. False
6. Fighting On
7. Limbo (Intro)
8. Ostia
9. Buried Words
10. Nuclear Seven
11. Repeating the Horror
12. Eunoé (Intro)
13. Crown and Miter
14. Primium Mobile (Intro)
15. Still Flame
16. Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest cover) 

(2009) A-Lex

1. A-Lex I
2. Moloko Mesto
3. Filthy Rot
4. We've Lost You!
5. What I Do!
6. A-Lex II
7. The Treatment
8. Metamorphosis
9. Sadistic Values
10. Forceful Behavior
11. Conform
12. A-Lex III
13. The Experiment
14. Strike
15. Enough Said
16. Ludwig Van
17. A-Lex IV
18. Paradox

(2011) Kairos

1. Spectrum
2. Kairos
3. Relentless
4. 2011
5. Just One Fix (Ministry cover)
6. Dialog
7. Mask
8. 1433
9. Seethe
10. Born Strong
11. Embrace the Storm
12. 5772
13. No One Will Stand
14. Structure Violence (Azzes)
15. 4648
16. Firestarter (The Prodigy cover) 
17. Point of No Return

(2013) The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart

1. Trauma of War
2. The Vatican
3. Impending Doom
4. Manipulation of Tragedy
5. Tsunami
6. The Bliss of Ignorants
7. Grief
8. The Age of the Atheist
9. Obsessed
10. Da Lama ao Caos (Chico Science & Nação Zumbi cover)

(2017) Machine Messiah

1. Machine Messiah
2. I Am the Enemy
3. Phantom Self
4. Alethea
5. Iceberg Dances
6. Sworn Oath
7. Resistant Parasites
 8. Silent Violence
9. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God

(2020) Quadra

CD 1
1. Isolation
2. Means to an End 
3. Last Time
4. Capital Enslavement
5. Ali
6. Raging Void
7. Guardians of Earth
8. The Pentagram
9. Autem
10. Quadra
11. Agony of Defeat
12. Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering

CD 2 - Alive in Brazil
1. Choke
2. Convicted In Life
3. Sepulnation
4. Apes of God
5. Sepultura Under my Skin
6. Manipulation Of Tragedy
7. The Vatican
8. Cut-Throat

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